What are the requirements when grooving stainless steel pipe? How to groove the stainless steel pipe?

1.The requirements for stainless steel grooving


(1)The cut should be smooth and free of cracks, bumps, shrinkage and other defects.


(2)The pipe end  should be rounded, the wall thickness should be uniform, and the surface slag and oxide should be removed.


(3) It is recommended to use special roll grooving machine with limit device.


(4) It is requested to meet the followings when grooving:


          a. Make sure the pipe end is smooth surface, and flat


          b.The center of the groove is concentric with the pipe wall, and the width and depth of the groove meet the requirements.


          c. No damage on the pipe coating


          d.The  A, B, C and F dimensions of the groove should be meet the specification