What are the advantages of hydraulic pipe cutting machine?How to use hydraulic pipe cutting machine?

Hydraulic pipe cutting machine is coordinated by the electrical system and the hydraulic system, the blade driven by electrical system and fed by hydraulic system makes the pipe cut. It can cut carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, cast iron pipe and other pipes, and is widely used in pipe installation and maintenance and other fields.


What are the advantages of hydraulic pipe cutting machine?


1. Simple and easy to operate
2. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can design cutting plan according to the workplace
3. Cold extrusion processing, no damage to the pipe material, no extra processing required, to avoid corrosion 
4. Square cut without burrs, no need to be chamfered or beveled.
5. No sparks, dust and metal chips are generated during pipe cutting, which is extremely safe.
6. Wide range of pipe size application, easy to move by equipped with wheels
7.Sturdy and durable, suitable for cutting many kinds of material
8. Cost-effective products, reap more rewards